So he popped the big question and now you’re engaged. Now it’s time for the next big question – to hire or not to hire a wedding planner. It’s time to get planning your ideal wedding and you’re at a crossroads, you may find yourself asking – is it necessary? Is it worth it? Here are some pros and cons that could get you off the fence…

Saves you money with vendors

Besides the initial cost of hiring a planner, be sure to consider that your planner can also negotiate with vendors. Don’t forget that it is likely your planner has worked with several vendors in the area and has good connections which could score you a better price.

A lot of people fear that it will cost too much when they will already be paying for the rest of their wedding. Spending additional money on a wedding planner can be intimidating. But when you look at the fact that depending on your planner, you may be charged for a flat rate, by the hour, or often they will charge within a budget range.

Organizational help

When you set the money issue aside, you must also consider your organizational skills. Perhaps you are not good at planning, or maybe it is too much to handle and you fear you will get flustered. Wedding planners are there to help take care of this problem. They specialize in coordination and making sure everything is on time and taken care of. They relieve you of the stress that it takes to make sure your big day will run smoothly.

Helps with crafty details

If you enjoy doing things on your own or are very crafty, you might enjoy making your own favors, escort cards and so on. Even with a planner, this is not a problem. Don’t think that just because you hire a wedding planner that you are completely out of control of planning your wedding. Working together on your ideas and visions is what will make your event what you’ve always hoped it would be.

Prevents details from falling through the cracks

If you choose to hire a wedding planner, he or she will be there to remind you of all the things you didn’t think of or forgot in all of the chaos. And they always come prepared with boxes full of essential items you wouldn’t believe you would need for your wedding day.

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