Summer Sunday Picnic with RAAF

12 November 2023, 12:00

Join us for a blissful Summer Sunday Picnic with RAAF on 12 November with the riveting folk-rock duo Esté and Lourens. Kickback, relax and enjoy an afternoon filled with top-charting original compositions from RAAF while enjoying the serene atmosphere of Warm Karoo & The Kitchen.


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The Cape folk–pop duo Esté and Lourens have been making music about their travels and love of life for over a decade. This is a musical spectacle in which 12 instruments are showcased. RAAF’s original compositions have enjoyed top spots on radio playlists, and their performances leave no one untouched or sitting down. Secure your ticket to this enchanting afternoon and immerse yourself in a realm where music and nature intertwine seamlessly. Adult tickets are priced at R190, while children can join in the fun for R90. Book your tickets by visiting link.warmkaroo.com/raaf and join us for an unforgettable experience.

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Adults, Children