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Using the power of Greenery for a budget-friendly Bridal Bouquet

Congratulations! You’re getting ready to tie the knot! If you’re one of the many brides on a budget, we can help. Here’s how to create a gorgeous bouquet with abundant greenery.

We understand that not every couple can splash out on their wedding with no holds barred. Fortunately, it’s completely possible to save money on wedding flowers without giving up on your dream bouquet.

Using the power of greenery for a budget-friendly bridal bouquet is one of the most creative ways to save while still making a statement. 

You can use a stunning variety of affordable greenery to create a lush bouquet, whether you go for greenery only or combine it with flowers. You can even source greenery from your garden or those of your friends and family. Plus, the more greenery you use, the more you save, and thanks to most greenery’s longevity, your bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and other arrangements will look fabulous all day. 

Use these tips, suggestions, and ideas to inspire your green bridal bouquet.

Popular Greenery For Wedding Bouquets

The following types of greenery have become increasingly popular in wedding bouquets and other flower arrangements. You could use many other types of indigenous and exotic greenery, so speak to your florist about the best options.

Bay Leaves
They’re not just for cooking! Dark olive-green bay leaves have an earthy, rustic look that works well as greenery in a bridal bouquet. Bay branches are densely packed with fragrant, glossy green leaves, so a little goes a long way when building up an arrangement. Other fragrant herbs that work well in bouquets include rosemary and thyme.

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular types of wedding greenery, and it’s used in bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, garlands, wreaths, and other arrangements. The most popular wedding options include silver dollar eucalyptus with large, round, loose-hanging leaves, seeded eucalyptus with oval-shaped leaves and seed pods, and spiral eucalyptus with leaves in a vertical staggered pattern.

Ferns are versatile enough for wedding themes and styles, from boho to classic. The leaves are more structured than bay or eucalyptus, which creates a more traditional appearance in bouquets and other wedding arrangements. Button, fiddlehead, maidenhair, plumosa, and sword ferns are popular options.

Charmingly quaint, ivy conjures images of English gardens, country cottages, and grand mansions. Use the long vines for cascading bouquets with a natural, more straightforward look. It’s easy to see why this plant was used in British royal wedding bouquets, such as those carried by Princess Diana and Eugenie.

When you mention magnolia and wedding in the same sentence, most people think of the large, white, and incredibly fragrant blooms. While the flowers are gorgeous, don’t overlook this tree’s leaves, which look beautiful in bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, garlands, and wreaths.

Eye-catching oversized and unusually shaped monstera leaves are a natural choice for bouquets at summer weddings and at those with a tropical theme. The leaves help create a statement bouquet, especially when paired with large blooms such as orchids and proteas.

Also known as Bird of Paradise, strelitzia’s large leaves and unusual flowers add structure and height to bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements, and table centrepieces. The size of strelitzia Regina’s leaves makes them a good choice for larger arrangements, but for your bridal bouquet, we recommend smaller dwarf strelitzia leaves.

When most brides choose to include succulents in their bouquets, they only use whole plants rather than leaves. You can use succulents such as air plants and echeveria alongside or instead of fresh flowers. You’ll find succulent options for greenery in your bouquet in various shapes, sizes, and colours ranging from light green to purple.

Top Tips For Using Greenery In Bridal Bouquets

Now that you know about some of the most popular types of greenery for bridal bouquets, take a look at the top tips for using foliage and other greenery to create an unforgettable arrangement to carry on your big day. If you’re feeling wildly inspired, you may even want to take a course to learn how to make your arrangement!

1. Consider Using A Monochromatic Palette
A monochromatic palette uses light and dark shades of the same colour. Using a monochromatic palette for your wedding and bouquet is a simple way to save money, as you can find various greenery options in light and dark shades of the same colour.

2. Remember The Importance Of Styling
You don’t need to worry about greenery having less of an impact than fresh flowers if you style the foliage correctly. The right style will ensure your bouquet pops beautifully against your wedding dress. Your florist will have no trouble combining foliage of different shapes and colours to create a noticeable texture.

3. Add Little Details To Single-Greenery Bouquets
If you’ve decided to take the simple approach by choosing one type of greenery for your bridal bouquet, add little details such as a brooch, ribbons, or other wrap detail instead of flowers or other types of greenery to create more visual interest.

4. Think About The Seasons
The new green growth of springtime is perfect for getting creative with greenery in bridal bouquets. You could opt for a garden-inspired look that sees foliage spilling out of the bouquet or lush greenery with various tones, such as blue-green and dark green, to complement any florals.

Choose greenery with a mix of tones, from light to dark green, for summer wedding bouquets. These depths in your colour palette will make other colours pop. Be careful to choose greenery that won’t wilt in the summer heat.

While some foliage stays green in autumn, other leaves change to rich and earthy colours. Some of these autumn colours are perfect for adding another design layer to your bridal bouquet, mainly when used with greenery, flowers, and seed pods.

There are three beautiful ways to approach winter wedding bouquets. One is to use evergreen foliage like pine. Another is to use bleached foliage, which is excellent for adding depth and texture to all-white weddings. The third way is to choose a less predictable option, such as dusky blue-green eucalyptus leaves.

Your Bridal Bouquet
Greenery puts a magnificent yet affordable bridal bouquet within easy reach. Save money and create the perfect look for your wedding with these tips!

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