Venue Terms & Conditions


Your event and chosen date are only confirmed once your DEPOSIT has been paid in full and a signed indemnity form and contract are received. By such payment, you consider yourself responsible for all costs arising from the event, and you declare that you are also familiar with the contents of this document. The entire balance of the final invoice is payable 14 days before the wedding/event date.


Warm Karoo does not reserve any provisional dates. All rates are subject to change until the relevant confirmation document is issued. All prices mentioned in the different Warm Karoo Packages exclude 15% VAT. The client or event organiser must e-mail a copy of their proof of payment to


  • The final invoice for any event or wedding will follow upon confirming your final number of guests attending.
  • No refunds will be made 14 days before any event or function should the guest attending decrease in numbers. 
  • Please note that numbers may increase but not decrease after the final invoice has been sent. No exception will be made.
  • A decrease in numbers & the value of the cancelled items can not be allocated to any other items/services with an outstanding value.
  • The bar & beverage account, in case of an open bar, must be settled no later than 10h00 on the day after the wedding/event.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Warm Karoo will not be held responsible for any payments made without a Pro-forma invoice or to a third party.


  • No deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation
  • Cancellations within eight weeks before the event will require a minimum of 50% of the total amount quoted.
  • Warm Karoo reserves the right to cancel any booking without liability in the event of any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We also reserve the right to cancel all services booked should the full payment not be received 14 days before the wedding/event.


  • Warm Karoo is only available from 08h00 – 24h00.
  • Should the contract holder decide to extend this time, a cost of R5500.00 per hour will be levied on the final account.
  • Please note that Warm Karoo is not open on Sundays. The client can collect all decor and flowers on Mondays.
  • Collection of all décor or any other personal items not owned by Warm Karoo must be collected within three days after the event unless otherwise arranged by management. (No collections on Sundays).
  • Take note: Warm Karoo does not operate after 24h00. All music must be turned down by 23h45 and be off by 24h00. The last rounds are to be called 30min before closing time.
  • Check-in time for all guests staying over at Warm Karoo is 14h00, with Check- out at 10h00.
  • A late Check-out fee of R450.00 per person will be charged if not checked out by 10h30.


  • Warm Karoo is fully licensed and will meet and manage your entire bar & beverage requirements, and we offer credit card facilities.
  • Only Warm Karoo will manage the bar & beverage requirements of the clients, with no involvement from any 3rd parties.
  • NO other wines, alcohol or beverages may be brought onto the premises by any guest, coordinator or service provider.
  • In compliance with South African Law, Warm Karoo may serve no alcohol to anyone under 18. Warm Karoo might request proof of identity.
  • The client will confirm the choice of an open or cash bar in writing.
  • Due to supplier or other increases, bar & beverage prices can be updated or changed without notice.
  • Warm Karoo & The Kitchen has signed an exclusive agreement with Spier Vineyards. Spier is Warm Karoo’s sole supplier of wine at any wedding/event that uses the Grand Hall.
  • The client, organiser or coordinator may bring no other wines or beverages onto the premises without special arrangement.


  • The contract holder will be held responsible for all breakages, direct losses and damages incurred during the day/night of the wedding/event and any previous or subsequent days at Warm Karoo.
  • Should the property in or outside Warm Karoo, surrounding gardens, décor or furniture be damaged in any way during the setup or duration of the wedding, the client shall be held responsible.
  • The client will be billed accordingly, provided proof of quantum is received, and, save where such damages and/ or loss is caused by the negligence, wilful misconduct or fraud of Warm Karoo, its employees, representatives, its suppliers and any member thereof.


  • Warm Karoo has its in-house caterers; therefore, no outside caterers will be allowed, and all catering arrangements are to be done by Warm Karoo. No event or client may bring food or other beverages (except for the wedding cake) onto the premises for consumption.
  • Warm Karoo has the right to confiscate any food or beverages brought onto the property.
  • Prices as quoted are close estimates but will only be finalised once your final menu has been assembled and decided upon.
  • Special dietary requirements will be catered for by prior arrangement only, and Warm Karoo have the right to charge an extra fee.
  • Warm Karoo will assist you in the selection of your menu according to your specific requirements.
  • Warm Karoo will not be held responsible for any food allergies. It is the client’s responsibility to make the staff aware of any food allergies. Should children be attending, parental supervision is required. The responsibility for safety and wellbeing rests with the parents. Warm Karoo’s indemnity declaration also applies in this instance.
  • The client, event attendees or organisers are not allowed to take any food and beverages off the premises for consumption.


  • Cleaning after the event is to be done by Warm Karoo at no extra charge (This does not include the breakdown).
  • Warm Karoo will require a programme, all bar arrangements and accommodation sheets of the wedding/event no later than seven days before the wedding/event.
  • All prices are subject to change due to increases and shortages. Clients will be notified of any changes and be given the option to accept or decline the new conditions.
  • Right of admission is reserved at Warm Karoo.
  • All events must maintain acceptable noise levels during functions, and your DJ must turn down all music at 24h00.
  • The last round is to be called 30min before closing time.
  • Warm Karoo reserves the right to employ its staff. Clients are not allowed to appoint any person to work for or on behalf of Warm Karoo or on the premises of Warm Karoo.
  • Warm Karoo will employ the number of waiters and bartenders according to the number of guests attending.
  • Deposits and full payments made for the use of Warm Karoo will not be refundable due to changing weather conditions.
  • All venues are smoke-free areas – designated smoking areas will be made available.
  • Warm Karoo shall not be held liable for interruption of services (water, electricity, sanitary) that are out of our control.
  • Warm Karoo will take no responsibility for outdoor events should the weather affect the functions’ arrangements or execution.
  • All guests enter Warm Karoo at their own risk. Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, Warm Karoo will not be liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever where such damages and/or loss are caused by the negligence, wilful misconduct or fraud of Warm Karoo, its employees, representatives and any member thereof.
  • We recommend that all personal and valuable property be removed directly after the event. Warm Karoo reserves the right to remove any installations that disregard any rules.


  • Patrons waive all claims of any nature against Warm Karoo, its employees, representatives and any member thereof concerning any damages or loss that patrons or their guests may suffer as a consequence of any action relative to the safeguarding and securing of the facilities available within Warm Karoo, save where such damages and/ or loss is caused by the negligence, wilful misconduct or fraud of Warm Karoo and all members thereof. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of any property within the boundaries of Warm Karoo.
  • Patrons hereby indemnify Warm Karoo and all members thereof against any direct claim which may be made against Warm Karoo or any member thereof by any of their family, friends, guests or invitees visiting or attending Warm Karoo who may sustain any direct loss or damage whilst utilising any property situated within Warm Karoo, save where such damages and/ or loss is caused by the negligence, wilful misconduct or fraud of Warm Karoo and all members thereof.
  • Patrons confirm that this indemnity shall be binding upon their Executor, Heirs, Assigns, Children, and Dependants, Spouse, Relatives and any person who might derive a right to claim in respect of any of the matters herein contained. Without acceptance of this code of conduct and indemnity, no function will be held at Warm Karoo.