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Our ultimate Groom’s to-do list

Whatever kind of couple you are and the roles you take, a wedding is about two people coming together, so both of you must be involved from the beginning, which is where our ultimate Groom's to-do list comes in.

It's important not to fall into wedding stereotypes. Doing your share of the wedding planning shouldn't be seen as 'helping out'. Expecting to be delegated to or micro-managed is just putting another job on your other half's plate. Grooms these days tend to be motivated to take positions on themselves (without waiting to be asked!), and weddings are all the better!

You want the day to reflect both of you. So, of course, grooms can still meet the florist, book the venue visits and plan the decor, but if that’s not your bag, this list of jobs for the groom is a handy to-do list to get you started!

Collect Invitation Addresses

In a world of email and Facebook, you rarely have all your friends’ postal addresses. Gather them up by texting, asking your parents and married friends for their lists the old-fashioned way, or using an app like Postable to do the hard work for you.

Book The Honeymoon

You can plan the honeymoon together, with one of you taking care of the booking and logistics. There may also be grooms out there who want to plan the lot and surprise their other half at the airport! If you’re currently trying to figure out the best place to go on your honeymoon for the time of year, read our honeymoon travel guide.

Arrange Wedding Transport

Not sure what style of car you’d like? Look through our favourite wedding car options in Ireland to inspire you, and check out our recommended wedding transport companies.

Guest’s Accommodation Options

Even if your wedding venue offers accommodation, it’s good to give guests options for other nearby spots to stay at various price points. Your venue should be able to provide you with good suggestions, but you can also suss local B&Bs on your next visit and check out Airbnb.

Research & Book Wedding Music

This one should be made a priority – the most popular wedding bands get booked early, so we recommend locking in your date with your band as you sign on the dotted line with your venue. The same goes for your ceremony music and DJs if you intend to have them – you’ll find unique ideas for all your wedding entertainment needs here!

Organise the Groomsmen’s Suits

This could be as easy as checking that the groomsmen already have a suitable suit – but still, it’s another job that has to be done. If suits need to be bought or rented, book the guys in for suit fittings at a time that works for everyone. You may need to coordinate dads and brothers too. Just don’t forget to organise your wedding day attire while you’re at it!

Organise Wedding Day Cash Payments

Many suppliers must be fully or partially paid on the wedding day. If you’re paying in cash, have each payment organised in labelled envelopes, ready to hand out. This is one to delegate to your groomsmen on the day, don’t forget to leave cash for tips too.

Research Photographers & Videographers

There is so much choice out there when it comes to documenting your day, so it’s worth browsing the websites and real weddings of wedding photographers and videographers and sussing out what style is best for you. Check out our recommended photographers and videographers here.

Plan the Bar

Whether ordering the wine (and booking a tasting!), selecting some craft beers, or coming up with signature cocktails, adding some alternatives to the standard bar offering is a fantastic way to add some personality to your day.

Buy Groomsmen Gifts

As a token of appreciation for their help and friendship, it’s an excellent idea to organise a gift for the members of your wedding party – get ideas for groomsmen gifts for every budget here.

The Speech

Making a groom’s speech is the one duty that many grooms stress over, but fret not, we’ve put together a handy groom’s speech guide to see you through!

Write the Thank-You Cards

Writing thank-you cards is taxing after the wedding when you’re ready to leave all the admin of getting married behind you, but it needs to be done. This is often one thing brides (in straight couples) do alone, so start married life as you mean to go on, and sort this one yourself!

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