Wedding colour inspiration – Terracotta Tones

22 July 2021
Don’t yet have a clear idea of what your wedding will look like but you already know what you’ll be wearing? Your outfits can serve as the source of inspiration for your colour palette, just like this wedding dress did!
Warm Karoo Wedding
It’s 50 shades of clay up in here! This terracotta wedding inspiration draws on desert tones of dusky pinks and muted browns, and is definitely one for the boho lovers! This concept doesn’t hold back on its use of flowers. Hit those tonal notes with floating clusters of tinted baby’s breath – a cost-effective choice for a floral installation that adds whimsy, wonder and wow-factor without the typical weight of large scale pieces!

And if the arch-shaped anthurium has caught your eye, this tropical beauty’s earthy colours make an eye-catching addition to boho floral arrangements. Seen here in a merlot hue, it’s especially striking against a backdrop of feathery pampas grass.

The rule of three has come into play not only for the trio of wedding ceremony arches but the cake display too! Curved shapes, corrugated textures and height variations make even the simplest displays more interesting on the eye.

Coloured candles is a wedding styling trend that we can’t see leaving reception tables any time soon! It’s such a simple way to add another dimension to your palette and an atmospheric glow.

If there’s a colour you want to include in your table decor that’s not readily available in fresh flowers, your napkins are the perfect means of introduction.

“Come for the love, stay for the party” is a great vibe to set for your guests with your wedding invitation. Don’t mind if we do!

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